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There are plenty of gimmicky weight loss products out there to help lose belly fat. One simple (and cheap) product that scientifically helps reduce belly fat is the waist trimmer. How to Use Wrap waist trimmer around your belly during your fasted morning fat burning walks. How does this work? I’m been a long proponent of smart strategic cardio for fat burning. The idea is that you want to wear…
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There are lots of opinions in the lifting world when it comes to lifting accessories that are designed to aid in heavy lifting. Opinions tend to fall into two categories. First category “I lift raw. I don’t use any lifting accessories to assist me because I want to be completely strong all by myself even when I’m naked.” Second category “I lift with as many accessories as I can because…
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Nowadays you can buy supplements for almost anything. That said, part of the reasons why I hate reviewing supplements (even though it makes me money) is because the majority of them aren’t worth a dime. Most supplements nowadays are a mixture of known things that work and odd substances that have little or no proof of efficacy. Every “new” supplement is a remix of “known good substances” and obscure amounts…

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Additional golden thoughts of the famous Polish coach: I asked Dolega if I should call him “Niedolega” (butterfingers, hard to translate play on words of Dolega’s last name). Was it offensive? It was supposed to motivate him. So he proves to me that I was wrong. I really wanted to push him, because he had six opportunities for world and continent championships medal, and he blew them. What was I…
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Zygmunt Smalcerz, Olympic Weightlifting Gold Medalist, and US National Coach honestly about USA Weightlifting conditions and results:   Kendrick Farris was behind Adrian Zielinski by 30kg/66lbs in the Olympics. Americans are third world weightlifting country. They can train in Colorado Springs where they get free room and board, but really no spending money. In their free time, they do odd jobs such as babysitting or working in a restaurant, and…
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There are legends about mental durability of Polish weightlifters. It is not that they are genetically tougher, sometimes the environment taught them toughness. This is a collection of bits and pieces from different interviews. See for yourself:     When there was minus 15 Celsius outside (5 F), temperature inside the gym was 0 to minus 5 (23-32 F). When going to school in the morning, you had to put the barbell…
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This is a sample training week in preparatory phase of the world champion and olympic gold medalist Adrian Zielinski. Really, there are no secrets, no shortcuts, just hard work. Monday 1030am Back squat, power snatch, snatch pull, supplementary exercises for abdominal, back, and shoulder muscles. 430pm Power clean and power jerk, clean pull, supplementary exercises for abdominal, back, and shoulder muscles.   Tuesday 1030am Front squat, power snatch + snatch…
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Certain Polish coach, father to many Olympic, World, and European medalists, is well known for his lack of political correctness. Here are some of his golden thoughts, most of which could be applied by any athlete or coach from any sport. Read carefully, maybe you can utilize some of his advice. Most of it is quite straight forward. It is not easy to become a champion.   Every coach, if…

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Several years ago USA Weightlifting, the official association of the sport in America, was selling a t-shirt proudly announcing “We don’t bench press.” It is hard to determine what the real reason behind such a slogan was, however many people have taken the advice quite literally. Coaches frown upon bench press, and demand their lifters not to use it in training.   Marcin Dolega Nonetheless, some of the best weightlifters…
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Photo © pawpaw67 Looking to burn fat and keep your muscles? Try this! Fasted Morning Walks When you wake up in the morning, make sure you don’t eat any calories (stay fasted). Drink a cup of black coffee, a cup of tea (no cream or sugar), or pop a caffeine / fat burning pill. Then go for a 1 hour walk (don’t run – keeping BPM in the fat burning…
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Szymon Kolecki clean and jerked his first “hundred kilos” when he was only 13 years old. At 14 years of age, and body weight of 72 kg he jerked 145 kg (319 lbs at 158 lbs). A year later, at 83 kg, he did 162.5 kg (358 lbs at 182 lbs), then 190 kg at 16 years old and 89 kg (418 lbs at 196 lbs); and  then progressed to…
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© Magen Petit If you’re bored with your current cardio routine which includes a long, steady, easy-to-moderate pace on the elliptical, treadmill, or even the bike, and you feel you’ve hit a plateau then it’s time to spice things up a bit! The next time you hop on the treadmill, try this: Interval. Jog for 1 minute and sprint for 30 seconds. Repeat this 10 times. Want something more challenging?…
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© Magen Petit If you’re like most Americans you probably skip breakfast and curb your hunger with a big cup – or pot – of coffee, and you likely don’t eat your first meal until lunchtime. You might get a few sips of water in here, or you’ll suck down a diet soda thinking you’re saving yourself calories and being healthy about your choice of beverage. Here are some excellent…
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© Magen Petit I’ll be honest; I used to be one of those people who rarely ever stretched before or after her training sessions. Why? I probably avoided it for the same excuses you might have: takes too long, I just want to start my workout already, what’s the point, who cares, etc. Am I right or am I right? Unfortunately, I was ignorant. I wasn’t properly educated on the…
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&photo; Magen Petit These days everyone seems to be on time restraints – a meeting here, a conference call there, a kid’s dance recital, a favorite TV show, a boyfriend’s baseball game, a family outing, etc. Whatever commitment you’re tied down to, there is just not enough time in 24 hours to exercise… are these time restraints or really just excuses?! Why wouldn’t you want to put aside some time…
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  © Magen Petit I was on a cooking and baking binge last night where I made dinner followed by dessert – Chicken Scampi and protein cookies! Both are low calorie, low carb, low fat, and high protein – and guess what? They taste DELICIOUS! Chicken Scampi Here’s what you’ll need: 1.25lbs chicken (I got boneless, skinless chicken breast tenders) ¼ cup white cooking wine 2 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive…
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&photo; Magen Petit Since the majority of us can’t live without technology, especially our cell phones, I figured I’d blog about how using our phones can help us get fit! Your phone has a camera – use it for progress photos. You’d be surprised how motivating photos of yourself can be! Find a photo on your phone’s internet and save it. Set it as your wallpaper to inspire you. Looking…
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  My style of training has changed since I began attending classes for a six-month program at National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) to become an advanced certified personal trainer, and I’ve been seeing some great results. (Keep in mind my diet is pretty clean – I have a cheat meal once or twice a week). I want to share with you an example of a workout that I’ve done recently …
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© Magen Petit Who doesn’t like a good (and fun!) challenge? I know I do, especially when it comes to physical fitness and exercising. I joined Instagram – the free photo-sharing program and social network – more than a year ago, and at that time I wasn’t aware of how powerful of a networking tool it can be, and how it can help me reach my own fitness goals! When…
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This article is dedicated to “those” people. I am one of “those” people.  I’m the person who orders dressing on the side.  I don’t drink soda, my fridge is full of produce, and I haven’t eaten a King size candy bar in….well, ever. I’m the person who’s conscious of what I eat and try to make good healthy decisions… most of the time.  If you are like me, one of…